Since 1995 Over the past 27 years, C.C.B. has grown considerably in order to meet every student’s individual needs get started now

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Why C.C.B. School of Westchester is Different

C.C.B. has one of the most exclusive curriculums in the Tri-State area. We offer a broad variety of prep courses to meet any student’s needs. These courses include all of the exams required for entrance to the top private and charter schools, as well as the exams required for college admissions.

Here at C.C.B., we offer individualized attention for each student with competitive tuition prices. What sets us apart from other “test prep” organizations is our belief in hands-on learning in a supportive academic environment.

Change Your Life with Our Courses

C.C.B. School of Westchester offers a year round intensive academic program
for students of all ages.

Why Choose Us?

We offer a year round intensive academic program for students of all ages. Presently our students have the high acceptance rates to Ivy League colleges, top boarding schools and private schools and specialized high schools. Administrative staff, teachers and parents take pride our students’ high academic achievements.


After taking the SAT Subject prep program in 2018 Spring term, I received 800 on SAT Subject Biology test!
After studying at C.C.B., I was able to improve my SAT scores and got the perfect score of 1600! The teachers in SAT program at CCB are the best!
Max Z
Max Z
C.C.B. was an unforgettable experience. They provided me with a comprehensive program that further developed my analysis and problem solving skills, which greatly helped me get into my dream college!
Brian Cornell University
All of C.C.B.’s teachers were wonderful and created a great learning environment; they never hesitated to help me when I had questions, and they all taught me great tips and tricks for solving problems which really helped me out in school!
Lawrence Edgemont High School
C.C.B. is great and a lot of fun, because my class gets to experience fun activities. I learned a lot of new topics, and everyone was really nice!“
Kevin Grade 3, P.S. 24
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