Saturday Program

Time Class
Morning 9:00am-10:30am Class 1
10:30am-12:00pm Class 2
12:00pm-12:30pm Lunch Break
Afternoon 12:30pm-1:45pm Class 3
1:45pm-3:00pm Class 4

C.C.B. School of Westchester offers a year round intensive academic training for students of all ages. Classes are divided into student’s grade level and the level of one’s ability. Class focuses on strengthening the weakness and improving the strength of the students, by providing individual attention in a small class setting.


All aspects of English language; i.e. vocabulary, analogy, antonyms/synonyms, essay writing, critical reading comprehension, grammar.


All areas of mathematical concepts at various levels of difficulty, including problem solving questions and test taking strategies.

Weekday Program

Grade K – 8 9 – 12
4:30-6:00pm Reading & Writing
Test Prep Intensive
Critical Reading & Essay Writing
Test Prep SAT/ PSAT
Grade K-8

Our weekday classes are designed to supplement the students with extra help on their school homework and additional English and Math skills. Students will be able to working on either school homework or any material that they need extra help on. Students will then be working on enrichment English or Math materials that C.C.B. provides

Reading & Writing

Critical reading is an essential skill for any successful students. Learning how to write an effective essay is the important skill the student will acquire and benefit throughout his/her life. Class focuses on critical reading, writing as well as other essential skills such as vocabulary and grammar.

Comprehensive Mathematics

All areas of mathematics include basic arithmetics, critical thinking, algebra, geometry, numbers and operations, problem solving and much more. Our curriculum is aligned to new Common Core Standards curriculum so that our students will be ready for the new State-wide exams.

Grade 9 – 12
SAT I English & Math

This class is designed to master the all sections in SAT test. Class will focus on high frequency question types as well as the best test taking strategies and tactics in order to enhance the overall test scores.

Weekday Classes
Grades English Math Prep
1st-2nd Fluency, Phonics, Reading Comprehension, Short Stories, Spellings Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Critical Thinking Gifted & Talented (G&T), CTY & SCAT
3rd-4th Fundamental training, Sentence structure, Verbal reasoning, Reading Comprehension, Writing Organization Arithmetic, Fractions, Division, Measurements,
SSAT(Lower), SCAT, ISEE, CTY, Statewide(ELA) Common Core Standards
5th-6th Word Knowledge, Analogy, Reading Comprehension, Word Choice, Sentence Structure, Creative Writing Geometry, Basic Algebraic Concept, Pre-Algebra SSAT(Middle), ISEE CTY, Hunter, Statewide(ELA) Common Core Standards
1st-2nd Fluency, Phonics, Reading Comprehension, Short Stories, Spellings Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Critical Thinking Gifted & Talented (G&T), CTY & SCAT
7th-8th Essay writing, Vocabulary, Word Knowledge, Content Area Reading, Critical Reading Algebra A,
9th-10th Essay Writing, Critical Reading, Vocabulary, Grammar, Literature, Sentence Structure Algebra 1, Geometry, Trigonometry, Algebra 2 PSAT & SAT
11th-12th Critical Reading, Sentence Completion, Literature, SAT Essay, Compositions Pre-Calculus, Algebra 2 Algebraic Functions,
Calculus 1 & 2
Subjects, AP


NEW Writing & Reading Workshop

CCB School of Westchester now offers newly designed Writing and Reading workshop for Elementary and Middle school students. Our Writing and Reading workshop is taught by professional experienced teachers.

Grade K – 8
Writer’s Workshop

Writes descriptive, narrative and argumentative essays. Develops various writing skills and strategies through brainstorming, discussions, essay writing including introduction, body paragraph, and conclusion and editing.

Reading Workshop

Develops critical reading skills to analyze stories, non-fiction, and historical text. Builds strong basic skills and strategies in comprehension, literature analysis and text-based responses. Builds vocabulary for verbal and analogies sections in standardized tests.

Middle School Program

Middle School Enrichment Program

The MIDDLE SCHOOL ENRICHMENT PROGRAM is designed to supplement Junior High School students with a Math and English curriculum. This program will provide the students with an additional practice and experience that would be required in the academia or the state-wide exams. The English curriculum cover vocabularies, synonyms/antonyms, grammar as well as reading comprehensions. The Math curriculum includes (and are not limited to) numbers and operations, algebra, proportions, ratios, fractions, geometry and probability.

High School Program

Fast Track PSAT

The FAST TRACK SAT courses are designed to provide 9th grade students with an early start in preparing for the SAT test. The program emphasizes on fundamental English and Math concepts, from the SAT vocabularies, sentence completion, error recognition and the critical reading comprehension to computational and problem solving mathematical questions. Throughout the course of the program, students will also have a chance to familiarize with the format of the test itself, and the types of questions in the test.

Introductory SAT Courses

An INTRODUCTORY SAT COURSES train students the means to identify and overcome their shortcomings by applying the techniques and strategies they’ve learned. The key concepts are taught in a consistent basis to provide the experience that students need. The course also provide a real-SAT simulated tests, where the students not only get to experience the real-test environment but also obtain the SAT simulated scores as well as one-on-one consultations of how to improve their scores.

SAT Complete Training

The SAT COMPLETE TRAINING program prepares students with more real-test problems than any other programs C.C.B. offer. There are more than 800 multiple choice and short answer problems in the course, familiarizing students with vast range of question types. The most efficient problem solving techniques and strategies will be taught by C.C.B.’s most outstanding teachers. A consistent practice provided by the course will most definitely enable all students to approach the SAT with confidence.

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