About Us

C.C.B. School of Westchester

Who We Are

C.C.B. School of Westchester was established on September 1st, 1995 as the very first institute of its kind in the area. Over the past 27 years, C.C.B. has grown considerably in order to meet every student’s individual needs. C.C.B. believes in a well-rounded education for every student, regardless of their background. There are a multitude of courses offered to prepare students in every subject. We believe in individualized attention in a positive learning environment.


“The mission of the CCB School of Westchester is to teach courses in English and Mathematics to students who are preparing for the academic rigors of the upcoming school year. We utilize class work, homework, essay writing, reading, listening comprehension, speech and interviewing skills to accomplish these goals.”

C.C.B. School of Westchester offers a year round intensive academic program for students of all ages. Class is divided by student’s grade level and by students’ ability. Class focuses on improving the weakness and developing the strengths of the students, by providing individual attention in a small class setting.

With a dedicated, professional staff in concert with a positive, supportive and caring environment, students are given the opportunity to demonstrate growth in academic areas, develop a sense of confidence in learning new skills, and to pursue their future goals.

Presently our students have the high acceptance rates to Ivy League colleges, top boarding schools and private schools and specialized high schools. Administrative staffs, teachers and parents take pride in our students high academic achievements.
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